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I'm really interested in being an All Star cheerleader, how do I get started?


Well right now is the perfect time to get involved with All Star cheerleading. During the summer, teams have their tryouts and begin summer practices to prep for the season ahead. Look up local cheer or gymnastic gyms to see if they have any teams you could sign up to be on or tryout for.

Date posted:  06/15/2016

My team's goal for the year is for all our groups to hit libs at games. Looking for tips on how we can reach that goal?


What an exciting goal for your team! There are a couple things to remember on your lib journey:

  • Strength and power are needed. Make sure you and your team working to stay in great shape so that your stunts can go up and stay up.
  • Repetition is best. Keep working on those lead up progressions to the lib: extension, walk in extension, etc. as well as the lib to make sure it is a stunt you can hit everytime.
  • Technique! Use your legs and arms together, good grips, and great posture from your top girls!

Good luck!

Date posted:  03/23/2016

Our pep rallies never have any pep! Our squad tries so hard to involve the students, and they just dont care. What can I do to get them more pumped about having school spirit?


I endured similar problems in college when our football team just wasn't doing that well. Though a couple of factors can impact a pep rally's success, one of the keys is if the team you’re supporting gives your school's fans something to yell about.

However, regardless their successes on the field or court, there are still plenty of ways to build a pep rally into a successful one; and the key factor is involvement! Involve your administration, your athletic department, your school social groups, your community businesses, your alumni, and most import all your student body. Here are some more ideas:

• Choose how many you are going to offer and be certain not to overdo how many you have. Make them special and unique and not "just another pep rally like the one we had last week". Sometimes, less truly can be more.
• Set up an event that no one would want to miss. Professional with stages, a loud sound system, school colors as a backdrop, etc...
• Require, through your athletics department, the support of key athletes and coaches as speakers and attendees.
• Secure a key campus location that will be high profile, hard to miss, and conducive to a Pep Rally and the team it supports.
• Pick a time of day that the majority of your fans can attend.
• Create giveaways from local businesses that are won by the most in attendance from a particular social group or campus organization that is also the loudest at the rally. You can also give out similar awards to the "craziest fan", etc. Also, the first 50 there get a gift certificate to a favorite area restaurant or store. T-shirt giveaways are also a plus to include. Another option is a color shirt theme whereby the largest group in a particular school color gets special recognition.
• If you have a band on campus, get a portion of them there. If not, make sure your sound system and staging really adds to the quality of the event. Loud, fun, music and the fight song are key!

Finally, two other items:

• Get the word out about the Pep Rally - Flyers, the student newspaper, the Athletic Department website, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter etc... You have to spread the word to everyone you can so they know about it and feel it's something they can't miss. No one should be in the dark about where it is, when it is, who will be there and why they can't miss it. Don't wait till the last second to start getting the word out and be certain to build the hype about it.
• Start building a Pep Rally tradition so your school's fans will know what they can expect to see when they attend each one and they won't consider missing it.

- John White

Date posted:  01/17/2016

I am looking for some good team building activities for our High school squad. Do you have any suggestions?


We have some great suggestions for you! Just visit our Library and you can get all sorts of Team Building ideas in the Being a Cheerleader section. Here is the direct link:

Date posted:  12/22/2015
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