UCA & UDA 2017

UCA & UDA 2017

Earn Your Spirit Stick!

Summer is here which means it is time for camp! Along with this amazing time of year, there is also something our camp veterans all know and love; Spirit Stick time! Spirit Raising is one of the important Roles of a Cheerleader that your squad will learn all about during your summer camp. Cheerleaders have the important responsibility of raising spirit within their school and community. Did you know that there is a positive relationship to school spirit and academic achievement? This means that you and your squad can have a huge effect on your entire student body! For this reason, it is SO important for you and your squad to be Spirit Raising experts by the time you leave camp.

If you have been to cheer camp in the past, you probably know the three rules you need to follow to be eligible for a Spirit Stick:

Be on Time! Your squad should always be at least 5 minutes early to every class. If Stunt Class starts at 1PM, your squad should be ready to go no later than 12:55! If everyone is 5 minutes early to each class, this gives your squad the maximum amount of time to benefit from each class at camp!

Be Respectful! Respect your teammates, respect your coaches, respect the staff, respect the facilities, and respect yourself! Cheer camp is a time of learning and leading. If every cheerleader is respectful of all of these aspects of camp, this will make for a great experience for everyone!

Have FUN! Camp is the best place to learn so much, and have fun while doing so! There are so many opportunities throughout the day to let your spirit and enthusiasm lead the way.

Because it is very important for your squad to take Spirit Raising back home, summer camp is the perfect place to kick it off! How can you be a spirit raiser during summer camp? It’s simple! There are countless opportunities all day to go above and beyond to really earn the Spirit Stick, but check out just a few examples below!

Get Involved: Participate in every class, boogie chant, team games, and activities during camp. (Here is a secret – the more involved your squad gets, the more fun you will have!)

Dress Up: Whatever the theme, get creative and dress up with your team during camp rallies.

But of course, raising spirit goes beyond camp. Taking home the knowledge you have of spirit raising has a positive impact on your entire community! You truly can have an everlasting effect on your student body by demonstrating this vital role of a cheerleader. Have fun at camp and go EARN that Spirit Stick!