NCA & NDA 2017

NCA & NDA 2017

How to Adjust to a New Team

Cheerleaders never remain on the same cheer squad for their entire cheer career. Whether you change levels, move schools, or join a different All-Star gym, the life of a cheerleader is ever changing. So how do you adjust to a new team? Follow these suggestions, and the transitions will be smooth sailing.

In a world where you can be anything, be yourself. Nothing is more valuable than authenticity. You are wonderfully and uniquely designed to fulfill a specific role in your team’s camaraderie, so show all your new teammates the value only YOU can bring. You will have more confidence and feel more at ease being you.

It’s so easy to compare yourself and your abilities to others; don’t fall into the pit of comparison. Nothing good will come from focusing on the differences between your old squad and your new squad or your skills to your teammates’. Your teammates will be different, but they’re cheerleaders just like you with the same passion and devotion you possess. Just as you did with your old team, you’ll bond with your new team and make new memories. 

It’s okay to miss your old team. Though you’ve moved on to a different team, it doesn’t mean you can’t visit your past teammates, share advice, and even help out someone who may be struggling.

Everyone has a special place on the team - find yours. Whether you’re a leader, a teacher, or a motivator, when joining a new team, you may not have the same place on the team as you did on your old squad. Don’t force it. Don’t try to assign yourself a team identity. Let it happen naturally. Benefit from getting to know your teammates, and everything else will fall into place.

Reach out first. Don’t wait for new teammates to introduce themselves or talk to you. Take the initiative, and actively try to get to know your teammates. Talk with the captain or coach about organizing a team outing; get together after practice, or use your water breaks to chat with a teammate. Not only will you bond with your new teammates faster, it will also show that you are dedicated to your new team and desire to build relationships with everyone.

While each person adapts to a new environment differently, keep in mind that it’s a new team for all the members and, most likely, the fears and inhibitions you have, someone else has as well!

Remember, you are never alone when you’re a cheerleader - we share a bond that only we understand. Congratulations on making a new team, and good luck this season!