Varsity Spirit + World of Dance

Varsity Spirit + World of Dance

Episode Two Review

This week’s episode of World of Dance carried over all the hype from last week’s episode. With such a range of performers and styles of dance, like Lopez said in week one, “I was afraid to look away in fear I was going to miss something”. Here are 10 things you missed on the second episode of WOD:

  1. Telling a story. Fik-Shan is no new face to the dance world, and many of us fell in love with him during season 10 of sytycd, but tonight we saw a different side of him that gave us all types of body chills.
  2. Cleanliness! The one thing all the performers on tonight’s episode had in common, and an aspect that is super important.
  3. Nick Daniels brought not only insane flexibility, but such controlled strength with his endless range of movement.
  4. What about Quick Style? If you do not understand what musicality looks like, well then here you go. Their risky song choice absolutely paid off.
  5. Upper duo partners, Luka & Jenalyn, brought a fresh performance that consisted of continuous partner tricks and lifts.
  6. Speaking of tricks, a lot of performers incorporated a range of tricks in their performance, but one I want to touch on in particular is The Lab. Who saw their soloist hit that backwards role to a headstand then to a standing headspring with such control?
  7. While we’re on The Lab, can we just talk about how they came out like mini professionals with unbelievable synchronicity? They are definitely an experienced group of young dancers.
  8. We are beginning to pick up some tips every week from judge Derrick Hough. Last week it was how to move those hips, and this week it was how to point with command.
  9. The Miami All Stars gave us a fun and energetic performance that made us all want to be up on that stage with them. 
  10. Like judge Neyo said, “It’s something in you or it’s not” that will get you to that next round.

Want to see even more amazing routines? Be sure to tune in Tuesday, June 14th!