NCA & NDA 2018

NCA & NDA 2018

18 Ways to Make 2018 Great

18 Ways to Make 2018 Great

When in doubt, stretch it out!

Stretching is imperative for cheerleaders and is crucial in order to be your healthiest self. By stretching, you’ll warm-up your muscles before practice and cool them down after, allowing you to stay flexible!


Be great, hydrate!

Since your body is approximately 60% water, it only makes sense to stay hydrated! Rule of thumb: drink half your body weight in ounces of water every day! (Ex: If you weigh 110lbs, you should drink 55 oz. of water.)


Sleep tight! 

As easy as it is to crawl into bed and catch up on social media or Netflix, challenge yourself to put your phone away as soon as you lie down. 


Make a new friend!

Make new friends, but keep the old; one is silver and the other gold! Smile at a stranger in the hallway; say hi to the freshman you see walking in to school every morning. When you build others up, you will also rise. 


Do something you’ve never done!

New experiences shape our future selves. Create a list of accomplishments you hope to achieve before the year's end. Take a painting class, learn a new language or skill, and take advantage of another trip around the sun. Live the dream in 2018!


Improve yourself!

If you believe you can, you are halfway there. Whether you want to improve your tumbling, stunting or your ability to have an “I can” attitude, figure out which area of your life you can improve, and go for it!


Eat healthier!

We all know how challenging it is to completely change our eating habits. Focus on simple, tangible ways to make your day-to-day diet an energy-fueling diet. Life hack: Pinterest has the best, and easiest, healthy recipes!


Don’t compare yourself to others!

You are uniquely and wonderfully made. It’s important to be able to look at your own strengths and realize the values only you can bring to the world. In the meantime, build up those around you by recognizing their personal strengths, too! 


Stay Organized!

Time is non-refundable, so make the most out of it! Stay on top of your responsibilities and obligations, in order to spend more time doing what you love! Time management is a core component of success.


Be authentically you!

Love yourself from the inside out. Focus on the qualities that make you, you. Finding the best in ourselves helps us find the best in others.


Pay it forward!

There are so many ways to give back. Whether it’s donating time, raising money or spending an afternoon with those in need, we rise by lifting others up. Challenge yourself to get involved by helping others this year.


Stick to your commitments!

Say what you mean, and mean what you say. If you make a commitment, see it through. There are so many times in life when you can’t control what happens, but you can control your own actions. As you know, actions speak louder than words. 


Be more adventurous!

Try something new! We learn most about ourselves when we step outside of our comfort zones. Growing pains are necessary in order to become the humans we’re supposed to be. Make this year the year of “yes”. 


Spend less!

Start saving money now! One statistic states that 80% of stress comes from financial obligations. Start today, making your life 80% better tomorrow. Even if it’s just your leftover change from Sonic Happy Hour, a little can turn into a lot over time. 


Listen more!

The art of listening can be challenging but so rewarding. Remind yourself, daily, to genuinely focus on not texting, interrupting or just waiting to speak during your conversations. The people that understand this are the best communicators.


Be grateful!

Oh, the grass is greener… Want to know a secret? It’s not greener; it’s turf! As you look through social media at someone’s “highlight reel”, it’s easy to lose your personal contentment. Remind yourself of the greatness of life, and remember the challenges are there to remind you that you’re human! 


Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

We are all a collection of the people we meet and what we learn from them. When you take initiative to ask for assistance, it not only makes that person feel special and appreciated, you’re gaining lessons they’ve learned throughout their life. Two brains are better than one!


Get active!

Incorporate physical activity into your daily life - for the obvious reasons but also because of the empowerment that’s created by sticking to a promise you made to yourself. If you can’t depend on you, who can?